We create quality brands and digital products for global industry leaders

Brand and Product Strategy
Our results-driven solutions are based on research and insights that support the strategic growth of your brands and products.
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Interaction and Visual Design
We have crafted a reputation for providing high quality design that cherishes the tiniest of details.
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Quality thrives when technology is integral to the design process. That is why we define, develop and deploy robust solutions that work at a scale.
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Content Strategy and Production
We complete the design process by creating content strategies that elevate your brand status, enhance the user experience, improve perception and boost engagement.
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A melting pot to ensure a diversity of knowledge

Hanzo Quality
Results. Craft. People. Service.

Trust is central to building long-term relationships with our clients, and the only way to earn that trust is to deliver tangible results for their business. It is that simple and that is where our commitment lies.
Exceptional craft
The devil is in the detail, so we work hard to make products that work and look perfect, maintaining a well-earned reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Our business runs on this simple principle: if we always put people first, and we manage to create the best possible environment for talent and clients to work, business will inevitably thrive.
An optimal experience
Service is as much about the journey as the end goal. We always go the extra mile to provide a flexible, positive and inspiring working experience that our customers and partners love.

2009 / 2023
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  • Virgin

  • Squarespace

  • Pull & Bear

  • Vogue

  • Cartier

  • Sony

  • Vodafone

  • Santander

  • St. Chartered

  • BBVA

  • Amadeus

  • Air Europa

  • Amazon

  • Bulgari