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Digital Transformation

  • Strategic Design
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Transitional Branding
  • Design System
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Integration

Deem (formerly known as Dunia) is a leading financial services provider from the UAE, offering credit cards, loans, deposits and financial planning to expats living in Dubai.

The brand

Banking for strivers

    During an intensive research phase in which we analysed all possible aspects of the organization, its consumers and their context, Dunia decided that it was time to break with a legacy of more than 20 years of existence, renaming and rebranding the organization and its business model.

    With this challenge in mind, Hanzo helped to lay the strategic foundations of a clean and minimalistic transitional brand, based on the concepts of simplicity, transparency and fairness.

    And so Deem was born... a digital-first brand with a visual identity that aimed to strike a perfect balance between its apparently confronted brand values: subtle and neutral while bold and straightforward.

    The products

    A future-proof suite
    of digital services

      After helping to design a product roadmap and the transitional branding, Hanzo followed up by designing and developing the foundations of a data-driven digital services ecosystem.

      Deem's website was the centrepiece, and a pioneering attempt to be one of the first financial institutions to offer a 100% digital onboarding in the UEA banking scene.

      Being simplicity one of their foundational values, the user experience had to be spotless. Hanzo tackled the challenge and designed a conversational forms system that recommended products based on user data.

      Through technical consulting and research, Hanzo helped Deem select some of the technological solutions, developing and integrating a front-end and CMS on top of the bank’s core APIs.

      The results

      Sneek a peek under
      the hood

        Dunia took a radical decision when it decided to rename and rebrand its business and services. Helping them on that journey required an enormous level of empathy and understanding, both about the organization and the humans related to it.

        Achieving this level of collaboration while working from two different continents posed a challenge for Hanzo. It was solved with a healthy deal of trips between Dubai, Madrid and Barcelona, and backed by our rock-solid remote collaboration methodology.

        The results came soon after launch: The brave leap towards modernization allowed Deem to grow and change its brand perception in record time.

        Formerly known as Dunia, the company passed from 2000 to 800 employess while driving around 50 million USD a year in revenue and increased the card transactions and card spend over a 26% more than the UEA market average.
        Our design and strategy contributed to help the company shift from a high risk, low income user profile to gaining 50% of its new users in more affluent income levels. We like to think that we contributed to their 63 points NPS increase.
        We achieved double-speed development by building an application on top of their core bank code. To decouple any complexity from their internal logic, our solution connected to multiple APIs provided by Deem.
        To correctly separate the content layer from the visual layer, we built a headless CMS. With this choice, we prevented the CMS from constraining the sophisticated user experience that our designers had envisioned.