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South Summit

Rebranding, website, design system

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Motion Design
  • Design System
  • Front-End Architecture

They say the world belongs to the brave, and South Summit could be a testament to that concept. Today, its world-class events serve as a showcase for the world's most innovative startups, and its business ecosystem is home to one of the most incredibly valuable networks for entrepreneurship and business.

A new brand

From local to global

    Over the past 10 years, South Summit has evolved from a small local conference to a globally recognised networking platform, organising a series of large-scale events in an increasing number of international destinations.

    To help them thrive in this new context, we developed a brand strategy based on three key territories: Southern Culture, Valuable Connections and the World of Entrepreneurship, which we then articulated in a core principle that revolves around the idea of facilitating relationships by connecting people through positivity, courage and collaboration.

    Finally, we created a core brand concept that encapsulated our entire strategy: the Summit, as a point of convergence and ultimate reward from which to look to the future. We supported this brand concept with an original and exciting verbal and visual identity that captured the vibrancy and energy of the South Summit events.


    A flexible hub for the summit ecosystem

      As part of the rebranding project, we also created a new corporate website to match the new brand and improve the way South Summit presents itself to the world.

      The website focuses on providing an intuitive and seamless user experience for the entire ecosystem of startups, investors, corporations and innovation hubs, as well as event attendees.

      Our main development challenge was to implement the designs in all their glory, including all the lovely micro-interactions, animations and transitions that the design team came up with, all while meeting the CMS integration requirements for modularity.

      We overcame this challenge by developing a set of independent, self-contained modules that, despite being modularly integrated, managed to maintain the coherence of the interaction at the page level.

      In parallel, and as is standard practice at Hanzo, we created a Storybook Design System that will serve as a componentized base to evolve and scale the site or other digital channels in the future.