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Trust is central to building long-term relationships with our clients, and the only way to earn that trust is to deliver tangible results for their business. It is that simple and that is where our commitment lies.
The devil is in the detail, so we work hard to make products that work and look perfect, maintaining a well-earned reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Our business runs on this simple principle: if we always put people first, and we manage to create the best possible environment for talent and clients to work, business will inevitably thrive.
Service is as much about the journey as the end goal. We always go the extra mile to provide a flexible, positive and inspiring working experience that our customers and partners love.

2009 / 2024

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Our partners

We envisioned a new cross-channel learning service that would allow Bulgari employees to connect globally and share knowledge across stores.

We helped one of the world's most disruptive companies build a new service from the ground up to help university students enter the market.

We designed Vogue's website and helped them maintain their brand excellence while increasing their sales by creating a range of new potential revenue streams.

We provide Meliá with strategic, design and technology consultancy to help them enhance the customer experience across their range of brands and services.

Hanzo helped Squarespace expand their system of creative portfolio templates and participated in the concept of their front site and iPhone application.

Over the course of a three-year partnership, we helped Standard Chartered pioneer a design system that we then applied to a significant number of key digital services in more than 80 markets worldwide.

We helped the Inditex brand redesign its digital services, including its primary native app and a responsive and fully customisable e-commerce system.

Over the years, we have worked closely with BBVA to deliver a wide range of products such as their corporate intranet systems.

We continue to work with Santander on a range of projects, from product development to service design and content strategy, supporting their end-to-end needs.

We helped Cartier with its digital transformation strategy, defining how a luxury brand should behave in the various digital ecosystems to strengthen customer relationships.

As one of their key digital partners, we have built a long-term relationship providing strategic and design support across their portfolio of home and healthcare services.

We worked with HP in both the US and Spain to develop their new global digital strategy and help them evolve their business from selling hardware to selling services.

We helped our client rebuild a widely-known UEA bank and transform it into a socially conscious, modern fintech with the ability to operate on a global scale.

One of our first assignments as Hanzo was to help Jazztel design their main corporate website and support them with their overall digital strategy.

As part of a rebranding exercise, we helped Repsol diagnose the health of its brand and define how it should behave across its digital services ecosystem.

In partnership with Soulsight, we helped Ferrovial research, ideate and design an application that improves urban mobility by using big data to match supply with demand.

We helped redefine the travel magazine's digital experience by providing an end-to-end service that significantly increased traffic and sales.

During our two-year collaboration, we developed a suite of digital services to enhance their state-of-the-art systems.

As part of an existing partnership with Standard Chartered, we helped Singtel develop Dash, a pioneering contactless payment app that uses data to provide financial information to its customers.

We supported Banco Sabadell in the research, ideation and design of proof of concepts for two of its venture-building initiatives: Nomo and Mitto.

We helped Nationale Nederlanden conceive and design Mooney, a mobile app that helps people gain financial freedom and manage their assets to achieve personal goals.

We helped Bankinter connect with its younger target audience by creating this fintech project, which consists of a personal financial manager who offers young people guidance on managing their finances.

By creating a state-of-the-art video-streaming service, we helped bands, DJs, businesses and individuals to create their very own content channel.

We supported DriveSmart, a Cepsa investment, to improve the user experience of this mobility app by making better use of big data and analysing driving patterns to enhance customer profiling.

We partnered with Everis to help Vodafone improve the overall user experience and design of its customer billing application.

We delivered a digital strategy definition and a new visual language for Amadeus to align current and future digital touchpoints across platforms.

We worked on a brand and product strategy to grow Domestika from a small community of a few hundred to the largest Spanish-speaking design community with over 30,000 users.

We created a brand new digital identity and an award-winning digital services ecosystem that dramatically improved their customer experience.

We supported the growth of the largest startup event in Southern Europe by redesigning their new brand and corporate website.

We helped the Saudi bank upgrade some of its key digital services to establish itself as a regional digital leader.

As part of an ongoing collaboration, we have supported this newly created digital-first Emirati bank in its establishment as a digital challenger in the Gulf region.

We helped the Spanish retailer with the development of its brand-new e-commerce and online sales platform.

We partnered with DesignScene to create a series of digital events to help Amazon deliver their commercial portfolio during the Covid pandemic.

An accessible digital platform to provide affordable treatment to families of children with autism spectrum disorder in Kuwait.

We provided the global retail giant with ongoing design support for a range of digital services across its various brands.

We have partnered with MAPFRE to develop Savia, an innovative 360° health service focused on prevention, offering easy and immediate online access to medical support.

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